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(Body, emotional, social changes)


Here is what you may be experiencing:


Coflicts with peers and within the family


Struggling with anger, depression, acceptance, and adaptation


Looking for independence and finding your own place in the world.


Questions and doubts with Sexual development or Sexual Orientation.


Fear and worries related to Coming out.


Problems with school.


Difficulties at managing your impulses and behaviors.


Feeling alone and rejected.


Feeling indadequate and that everybody else is better than you.



I work with adolescents and young adults in both individual and family sessions in order to:


Understand the issues that motivate and influence the adolescent’s behavior, thoughts, and feelings.


Identify the adolescent’s typical behavioral pattern, defenses, and responses to conflicts and struggles.


Help the family in finding more positive and constructive ways to communicate providing support and education.


Verbalize feelings and conflicts in a safe and understanding way.

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