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Identity & Life Transitions


There are moments in life where it is difficult to understand who we are and what we want. When you’re in a transition like becoming an adult, moving, retiring from a job, changing your workplace, or ending a significant relationship, you may experience:


Feeling lost, as if your sense of identity is unclear.


Trying to “find” yourself again by wearing different hats, but discovering no hat fits you perfectly.


Loss, confusion, sadness, and awkwardness.


Taking multiple actions and engaging in risky or harmful behaviors just to cope.


Trying your old coping skills and finding they don’t work any more.


Feeling tired and hopeless about your future.


Together we can make sense of the transition you are going through. We can find who you truly are and find ways to cope with the crisis you are experiencing. I will help you become your own best friend and express your true Self.


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