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You want satisfying and close relationships, but something gets in your way. You ask yourself:


Why does everybody reject me?


Why am I so worried about being abandoned?


Why do the people I love run away when I try hardest to keep them close?


Why do I never know what I want in a relationship?


What are my needs in a relationship?


How can I remain myself in a relationship?


Why I am worried about losing my identity when I am in a relationship?


Why do I always feel I am too close or too far from another person? What is the perfect distance between two people?


Why do I run away from a relationship as soon as I see even one red flag and then I regret my decision?


Why do other people perceive me as needy?


Why are other people feel overwhelmed by the emotions I throw at them? How can I control or filter these emotions?


Together we will answer all of the questions you’ve never found satisfying answers for. We will dig into your past to discover and find out how it got created. We will use that awareness to build another way for you to handle relationships. Through this process, you CAN feel happy and satisfied again.


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