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Please contact me for a

FREE in-person 

consultation session

or with any questions about my practice.


(415) 663-6645



Castro/Duboce Triangle/Mission Dolores area of San Francisco.



879 14th Street
San Francisco, California  94114

Andrea Crapanzano, Ph.D.


There is a place between believing you are worthless and believing you have to be perfect.

That place is self­-understanding and self­-acceptance,

and I can help you find it.


  •  You’re tired and confused, trying to figure out who you are, who you want to become, and what you want in your life.

  • You keep moving from job to job or from partner to partner, never feeling satisfied.

  • You’re not sure why your relationships with family, co‐workers, bosses, lovers and friends are not working out the way you wish they would.

  • Sometimes you believe your problems happen because you’re somehow deficient or defective, or that everything is your fault.

  • Sometimes you feel like the world and everyone in it is unfair to you.

  • You’ve tried so hard to figure this out, and you’re done trying to figure it out on your own.

  • You’ve talked to your friends, but you found out they are not interested in your pain or they share problems so close to yours that they have no good answers.

  • Sometimes you’ve found temporary refuge in aimless actions...and some of those actions only made things worse.

  • Sometimes you’ve tried to forget about the pain by using drugs or looking for impersonal sex.

  • Sometimes you’ve tried to make things better by ending difficult situations. Maybe you’ve quit your job or broken up a relationship, and then realized you ended things too soon. That regret hurts too.

In therapy with me, you'll become an expert on YOU.

Together, we will figure out YOU: your personality, your past, your needs and wants, the places you get stuck, and how to overcome your most painful feelings. You’ll come to understand why you sometimes feel isolated and alone.


You’ll discover that you are worthy and unique.


As you build your self‐esteem, your desire to be perfect will fall away. You’ll discover that being vulnerable and having weaknesses make you human. You’ll learn ways to make your relationships with family, co‐workers, bosses, and lovers better and more satisfying.

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